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A life-long love of entrepreneurship, starting at aged 7 ( peddling small paks of maple keys door to door, carefully harvested from my back yard and packaged for sale around the neighbourhood, much to my parent's embarrassment.)  led to a career in business management with an entrepreneurial bent.  Upon the sale of my business, my life took a sharp turn.  I came to discover the power of nutrition and what a difference it can make to quality of life through personal experience; an "aha" moment.

I spent many years studying personal development and in particular, the Enneagram - an ancient integrated, holistic wisdom.  Nutrition is an additional tool to really empower people to make changes in life.   Pulling it all together, along with my business experience,  I am committed to taking my ultimate passion for empowering others to become healthy, both physically and financially, and making it my life focus.  

To support my clients properly, I am a certified both as a psycho-spiritual coach and a holistic nutritionist.  This combination enables me to help people throw off the patterns that aren't suiting them and make huge life-changing shifts in powerful ways.  I surround myself with an amazing community of like-minded, positive, pro-active people who are excited by their life.  I invite you to join us - perhaps even connecting with your inner entrepreneur, to fully experience all that life has to offer.

Some Happy Clients:

I'm finding my way back to a healthier me. After finishing my first 30-day program, I've released 12.6 pounds. More importantly to me, I've lost 9 1/2 inches in all the right places. It is so fantastic to think that this is only the beginning of this return to myself.  My huge appreciation to  Andrea. Thank you!                                                                                 Dinna I.  Brampton, Canada

This program literally blew my mind. As a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and chiropractor I am always looking for that edge, both personally and professionally for my clients.  Andea's program has shifted my health and the health of my patients, family and friends, more than any other system I have tried. It was easy to incorporate into my life as well.            Dr. Michelle C. D. C.  Toronto, Canada   

... the results were dramatic.  Increased energy and concentration, not to mention losing 15 pounds!  The coaching and support I got from the team was fantastic, even half way around the world!         Dr. Scott V. D.C., H.B.Sc. Gold Coast, Australia

Another pound bits the dust! I’ve got more energy, am feeling better and actually started jogging again.  Should have tried Andrea's program a long time ago!  Loving it!         Biljana D. Toronto, Canada  

I can help you uncover what's holding you back and help you select the best program - designed specifically for your needs and lifestyle.  Full support and one-on-one coaching is included. Results are guaranteed.

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